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     DSRA will be hosting the second race of the 2012 Season in Gulfport Mississippi on May 4th and 5th with a guaranteed purse payout of $20,000 dollars. 

     DSRA's sponsorship program has really taken off this year with more sponsors jumping on board in support of the sport of Outboard Drag Boat Racing and the Association.  The fruits of the sponsors support netted record profits for the non-profit organization which DSRA raced for in Catahoula, Louisiana in April.  Records crowds showed up to watch the races as DSRA opened its 2012 season on a 1/8 mile stretch of waterway in front of the Catahoula Recreational Park. 

     Spectators lined the race course to watch some of the best Outboard Drag Boat Racers put on the show of a lifetime for folks of all ages.  Youngsters sat in amazement as dreams were in the making of the hopes of one day becoming a Drag Boat Racer.  As one child stated as he pointed over to his favorite boat " ONE DAY I'M GONNA HAVE A BOAT LIKE THAT!" 

     It was not just the youngsters that sat in awe and talked of dreams of the past.  Elderly men sat under the shaded oak trees and reminisced of the days of their past.  They talked about the yesterday's and years of experience they had on the waterway that for a short weekend was the battle ground for the Racers of DSRA.  As each man spoke the others listened only to answer back with their own story of how their boat back in the day was of course " Always the Fastest".

      Stay tuned for more DSRA News to come with highlights of racers of the past.


Catahoula Louisiana


Posted By DSRA News

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